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Could I have Crickets in my Underwear?

Not really, but…..You already know the damage moths can do to clothing, but what about crickets? While they are not commonly thought of as an insect that will damage textiles and other household items, house crickets, a species that is light yellowish brown with three dark crossbands on their heads, can enter your home and live there indefinitely.

House crickets like warm, moist environments inside where they feast on fabrics. Like other insects, they aren’t attracted to clean clothes; they like soil, dead skin cells, food stains, and laundry starch. They eat the remains of the stain, which cuts or weakens the threads of the fabric. Many times, the damage isn’t discovered until after the garment is washeddry cleaned, or worn.

How Do You Know If You Have Crickets?

  • Here’s an obvious one – you see crickets in your house.
  • You hear their chirping noise at night.
  • You find chewed fabric on garments or other textiles.
  • You find small, unexplained stains on clean clothes; apparently cricket poo can leave a mark.

What To Do If You Have Crickets

  • If the infestation is bad enough, you may want to call an exterminator.
  • If not, a thorough vacuuming might remove the crickets and their eggs.
  • Make sure to reduce moisture in and around your home.
  • Seal any cracks or entry points in and around your home.
  • Rewash all fabrics exposed before wearing or using again or bring them to any A Cleaner World location where we can bring them back to new in no time.
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