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Once upon a time, I believed these too.

Debunking Dry Cleaning Myths

  1. Dry Cleaning Wears Out Your Clothes
    In fact, the opposite is true. Not cleaning your clothes often enough allows the soil between the fibers to abrade the fabric. In addition, products we all use along with spills from drink or food remain on clothes which can lead to discoloration or attract insects. Many fabrics respond better to dry cleaning than laundering because water can cause natural fibers like wool and silk to swell and then shrink as they dry. To learn more about how dry cleaning keeps fabrics looking new, read this article.
  2. Only Clothes that Say, “Dry Clean Only” Should be Taken to the Cleaners
    That’s simply not true. A Cleaner World is more than just a dry cleaner; we care for all kinds of garments and household items in all kinds of ways including professional wet cleaning, shirt laundry, alterations and repairsformal wear cleaning, and wedding gown preservation.
  3. Dry Cleaners Gender Price
    Dry cleaners do not charge based on whether the garment is for a male versus a female; we charge based on whether the shirt can fit on the pressing machine or has to be hand finished. Because men’s dress shirts are more standardized in cut and material, they are typically laundered, and then machine ironed while wet on automated pressing equipment that produces a certain number of shirts per hour. If we get a man’s shirt that cannot be laundered and placed on the automated equipment, then we price it accordingly. Common variables that would exclude a garment from regular dress shirt pricing are size, cut, fabric, ruffles, pleats, and special buttons or trim.
  4. You Should Store Your Clothes in the Plastic Bags from the Dry Cleaner
    Don’t do it. Our poly bags are designed to make sure your clothes make it home unblemished. Leaving your clothes in plastic bags for a long period of time can cause moisture to become trapped leading to mildew issues. Remove the garments from the bags and place them in your closet. If you are concerned about dust settling on the shoulders, cover your garments with a clean, white sheet or cloth.

If you’ve heard a laundry or dry cleaning myth and would like to know the truth, send A Cleaner World an e-mail to or contact us. We will be glad to share the facts with you.

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