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A Cleaner World's Wash and Fold Service Can Reduce Your Stress

Just last week, my 14-year-old son had an ancestry project for History, a sign project for Latin, a board game project for Algebra, and a book report due all within a week’s time. That didn’t include regular homework, cross country practice, youth group, and scouts. As a parent, you know that when your child has all that on their plate, it’s on your plate too; but, of course, I also have a job, meals to prepare, a household to maintain, volunteer commitments, and laundry. We only have one child. I can’t imagine multiplying all that work by 2 or more. But wait – there’s more: As the weather warms up, there will be grass cutting and weed pulling added to the list.

The truth is that I feel stressed, and I know you do too. The good news is that A Cleaner World can help reduce your stress level with our Wash and Fold service.

  • Check one chore off your list. Besides having your professional clothes dry cleaned and expertly pressed, A Cleaner World offers Wash and Fold service, and what a timesaver it is! You don’t have to pre-sort, pre-treat, check pockets, wash, dry, fold, or even match socks. We will do all of that for you and will return your clothes to you wrapped in a little package. It’s like getting a laundry present! And if you are in one of our home delivery service areas, we can pick up and deliver your clothes to you at no additional charge.
  • Gain more time. Sometimes I feel like all I do is laundry, and there are only three people in our house. If you’re like me and are the only person in the family that does the laundry, it’s easy to spend hours doing it. With laundry off your plate, think about all the time you would have to spend on more enjoyable things.
  • Reconnect with your family. I enjoy my family, and not just my husband and son, but I love spending time with my parents, sister, and niece. I especially love time with older family members where I can learn more about history. Whether it’s playing more board games, teaching your kids how to bake, or just watching movies together, joy, happiness, and memories come from fun with family. Don’t let laundry get in the way of that.

Getting rid of laundry is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to reduce stress and create more time for enjoyment. To learn more about A Cleaner World’s Wash and Fold service, just click here.

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