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Caring for your Sleeping Bag

Matt and I have different definitions of the word camping. He and Gray frequently go on Scout camping trips where they are quite rugged, sometimes requiring them to sleep outside, and eat what I call questionable food. My definition of camping involves an RV.

Now that it is September, the Scout camping trips are winding down until spring, and I can tell their sleeping bags have seen lots of use and not a lot of cleaning this camping season.

It is important to clean your sleeping bag before putting it away for the season to keep critters away. It is also important to let it completely dry to ensure bacteria and mold stay away.

How to Clean Your Sleeping Bag:

  • Having your sleeping bag dry cleaned by A Cleaner World is the easiest and safest option. That is because our machines are large enough to accommodate oversized bags, allowing them to properly circulate, causing all the dirt to be removed and detergent rinsed out.
  • Washing and drying your bags at home are also an option; just be sure to follow the directions on the care label, make sure your washing machine is large enough, and never put your bag away before it is completely dry.

Options for Storing Your Sleeping Bag:

  • Hanging your sleeping bag folded in half over a strut hanger will keep the filling from being crushed.
  • Laying it flat underneath your bed is another good option.
  • Folding it carefully into fourths, without packing it down, and placing it on a shelf inside a closet will work. To avoid crushing the filling, do not lay anything on top of the sleeping bag.

As with any fabric-related item, never store your sleeping bag in a hot attic or musty basement. If you have any questions about caring for your sleeping bags, just stop by or call any one of our convenient locations. We are here to help.

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