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Caring for Tights

I hate pantyhose; I’m certain that a man created them.  There’s something about the material that just makes my skin crawl, and perhaps it is because when I am forced to wear pantyhose, it’s usually in the summer.  I am thankful that these days we can mostly get by with wearing summer skirts and dresses with sandals or pumps and skip the pantyhose altogether.

But tights, well that’s a different story.  I love tights.  In fact, I broke my tights out when we had that little cold snap back in October.  While tights, as compared to other garments, aren’t terribly expensive (the brand I like costs about $15 a pair), the last thing you want to do is wear them 2 or 3 times only to find a run or hole in them.  Tights, with the proper care, can last a long time.  Here’s how we suggest caring for tights:

  • Never wash your tights in the washing machine, even if they say machine washable.  See the instructions below on how to hand wash tights.
  • Don’t wad them up in a ball and throw them in a drawer after you’ve taken them off.  Instead, fold them in thirds – neatly.
  • Put them on gently by sitting down, rolling up one foot at a time.  Avoid tugging and yanking.
  • Clear nail polish could get you out of a jam if you see a run starting while you are out and about.
  • Quality is important.  You don’t need to buy the most expensive pair of tights you can find but remember tights with Lycra and thicker fibers will stand the test of time better. 

To hand wash your tights:

  • Fill a sink or basin with warm, soapy water.  Use a mild detergent.
  • Turn your tights inside out.
  • Place the tights in the water and gently massage them from top to bottom.
  • Drain the soapy water and rinse the tights in clear water until all the soap is removed.
  • Gently squeeze to remove most of the water, then pat dry with a towel.
  • Finally, hang them on a drying rack or even across your shower rod until they are completely dry.
  • Once completely dry, fold in thirds and place in a drawer.

Following these tips will help keep your tights looking great for the rest of the season.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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