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The only good thing about cooler weather is that I no longer look foolish when I put on a sweater.  I am always cold, so folks tend to look oddly at me as I carry around a cardigan sweater in 95-degree weather.  When it is chilly out, no one thinks twice as I wear multiple layers ending with some sort of sweater on top.  Obviously, I love sweaters because of their warmth, but I also love them because of the variety and style they can add to any ensemble.

There are so many designs and fabrics out there plus many sweaters have decorative trims and embellishments; therefore, sweaters require special attention.  If you have a sweater with trims like suede, leather, snakeskin, fur, sequins, or beads, we suggest you take it to a professional for cleaning or at the very least for advice before cleaning it on your own for the first time; many of these features require special attention.

If you’d like to care for your sweaters at home, we recommend using these general guidelines:

  • Before washing, check your sweater for any unraveling, fraying, and loose yarns and have the problem mended before cleaning. Proceeding with cleaning before mending any issues could lead to further unraveling or damage.
  • Always follow the instructions on the sweater’s care label.
  • If the care label indicates it is fine to tumble dry, then do so on the lowest temperature possible.  If not, then lay the sweater out flat to dry.
  • As with any garment, always treat stains immediately.
  • If you are concerned about shrinkage, make a pattern of the sweater by tracing its outline on a piece of brown paper.  This will allow it to be blocked back to its original size should it shrink.
  • Never put a wool sweater (or any garment for that matter) away wet.  First allow it to dry at room temperature, away from heat, then brush with the nap.
  • To store sweaters, either fold them over a strut hanger or fold and place in a drawer or on a shelf.  Never hang a sweater from the shoulders; the weight of the sweater will cause it to stretch.

If you need help caring for your sweaters, feel free to stop by one of our locations.  We are happy to answer any questions you might have, and we will, of course, be there to provide the best care for all your garments, including your sweaters.

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