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5 Must Have Cleaning Tools

I like a clean house, but I don’t actually enjoy the process of cleaning. So, I’m all about having the proper tools in order to com[node:summary]plete the job quickly but still effectively.

The Five Most Important Cleaning Tools

  1. A good quality vacuum cleaner. You’ve read about my love for my Dyson vacuum cleaner that’s now in its 10th year of use. A good quality vacuum cleaner will remove abrasive soil and sand-like particles that get ground into carpet and rugs; these particles will eventually wear down the nap of your flooring. Properly vacuuming your rugs and carpeting will help remove those particles.
  2. White cleaning towels. You can find sets of these just about anywhere, and they’re great for both cleaning and blotting up stains and spills. Plus, you’ll know when they are dirty. Simply machine wash or if they are exceptionally dirty, you can bleach and disinfect them without worrying about pulling the color.
  3. Spray bottles. Even if you purchase your cleaning products pre-made, spray bottles come in handy for things like misting garments before pressing, spraying plants with water, or mixing water with essential oils to keep pests away.
  4. Scrub brush. There are times when a cleaning towel or sponge won’t do the job. (Think soap scum in the tub.) I actually have two brushes for cleaning – one that’s technically a dish brush and the other is a heavy-duty scrub brush.
  5. Microfiber cloths. They are great for dusting blinds because they catch the dust instead of pushing it around. They can also be misted with a combination of vinegar and water for streak-free cleaning.

These are just a few of my little tricks; if you have a cleaning tool or tip that makes your life easier, please share it with us on Facebook.

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