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As a clothing care professional, we tend to notice the little things folks do that make a big impact on their clothing. Below are five tips that will make your clothes last longer, look nicer, and (bonus) make us happy.

  1. Some Stains Require a Professional. Spot removal is an art; it’s part skill, part science, and part magic. Some stains are so tough that they require multiple attempts, even by a professional. Too many attempts at home, without the skill or knowledge of a professional, could set the stain or cause you to pull color from the garment. It is far less expensive to take a garment to the cleaners than it is to make it permanently unwearable.
  2. Follow the Directions on the Care Label. The number one reason a garment is ruined at home is that the consumer failed to follow the care label. If you don’t understand the care label or if you have doubts about the recommended cleaning method, take it to a professional.
  3. Clean your Clothes Consistently. The general rule is that if it touches your skin all day – undergarments, shirts, tops, leggings, sportswear – wash after each wear. Things like dresses, suits, jeans, skirts can be washed or dry cleaned after 2-3 wears. However, this all depends on the environment, especially if you perspire or if you spill something. Remember, never place a soiled garment back into your closet because it becomes an invitation to moths. Plus, the longer a spill, dirt, or perspiration sits, the more difficult it is to remove.
  4. Stop Using Too Much Laundry Detergent. More doesn’t mean cleaner. In fact, too much detergent can leave a residue on clothes and in your washer. The residue in your washer can further lead to increased wear and tear on the machine, the inability of the machine to properly drain, and leave a musty smell behind.
  5. Zip Zippers, Close Velcro, and Unbutton Buttons. Zippers and Velcro can snag or stick to other items in the load as well as scratch the door on a front-load machine. Leaving buttons fastened can create stress and cause rips to the buttonholes. Finally, invest in a mesh bag for bras and unmentionables; those little clips can also pull fabrics and damage the drum.

We all have developed a lifetime of habits, especially when it comes to doing laundry. As much as I try, I can’t always remember to check pockets or zip all zippers. If all these suggestions seem like too much work, as they do to me, you can always bring your home laundry to A Cleaner World for our Wash and Fold service. Better yet, if you are in our service area, you can use A Cleaner World’s Home Delivery service.

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